M4A Files 0kbps

I have some .m4a music files but they all have a bit rate of 0kbps,here is the picture of it

I can still play them but I can't fast forward while listening and I can't edit their tag. I found a software to get their tag back (fix all problems too) but I accidentally deleted it and now I forgot its name :frowning: Can someone tell me what software it is? Or is there another way to fix my files and retrieve their tag? Thank you very much ! :blush:

does this help?

Is there an easier way? I'm not familiar with this way. And these M4A files used to have metadata, is there any way to recover it without overwriting the old one ?

Please define "easier" than a command line.
No, honestly: you can be glad if there is a way at all to save a file that obviously has a corrupt header and so misses vital information. The display of 0kbps means that the file has to be rebuilt to get it all together again. And then, when the file structure is OK again, then you can think about tagging the file. I doubt that you will get back any of the old tags.
Or to put shorter: No, I don't know an easier way, I am glad I found at least this one (which also has no guarantee of doing the job).