m4a from nero encoder probelm


I created some m4a (aac) files using the latest version of the nero aac encoder. I'm able to play the files within Winamp. However, when I try tagging the files with mp3tag (latest version) using the convert filename to tag button, I receive the following error message:

"File xxx.m4a cannot be opened for writing"

As a quick test, I created the m4a file using FAAC and it worked fine. Is there a bug with a Nero encoded file?



Are you playing the file in Winamp while trying to tag it?


No, the file is not being used by any application.


Are you using the command line Nero encoder or the GUI version that comes with the whole Nero suite?


I am using the command line within audiograbber - would that make a difference?


I don't use AudioGrabber but you can send me one file for analyzing the issue to my support address.


Mp3tag reports a "seek offset out of range" error and foobar2000 reports a "Data truncated" error.

This file seems to be broken.