M4a with multiple covers get automatically stripped and only one cover is left

I have some m4a files which have multiple cover arts (tagged by musicbee) as soon as I load them in mp3tag all the covers except one are removed.

If I add multiple covers to m4a file using mp3tag then neither musicbee nor itunes can detect the covers (except only the first cover), files tagged with musicbee show up correctly in itunes and vice versa.

So this issue is clearly with mp3tag, I remember this issue didn't exist before but I'm not sure which version that was.

Hope i'm making some sense.

I'll look into it, thanks for reporting!

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I had v2.88a lying around and it is working fine in that, I also noticed something, I dont even have to save the file, covers get stripped as soon as the file is loaded in mp3tag

I've fixed the issue with Mp3tag v2.94d. Thanks again for reporting!

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