M4R tags

Just curious... Im currently on vacation on with my Macbook.

But been busy creating new ringtone files for my iPhone
These extentions are .M4R...

Does Mp3Tag support this tag?

If not will it in the future (i hate iTunes, prefer to edit all tags manually with mp3tag)

I'm not 100% sure, but my guess is that they are just .M4a files but renamed as .m4r. But what I understand is that Apple Ringtones are time limited (I mean not able to be a complete song, but just an excerpt of that song).

Found something about time limits for ringtones.

And another something on .M4R

I was just curious... Because last time I synced a tone I downloaded it appeared on my device with some weird chinese characters.. but the file name was (for example) "Ringtone_2.m4r"

So somewhere in the file must be additional tag/information

Im creating Lots of ringtones from (mostly from Instrumentals) and I don't want to be guessing which ring tone was which when its time to select a ringtone.