Mac Audio Problem

Forgive me if this has been covered, but I couldn't find anything regarding the mac version. I just found out about Mp3Tag and I love it. I had some issues installing, but I got it figured out.
The problem I'm having is that I can't play the audio through Mp3Tag. I get a message saying that there is no application associated with the given filename extension. I, like most mac users I assume, use iTunes to play music and I'm sure it's associated with .mp3s.
Is there a way to make this work? I'm having to go back and forth with iTunes to listen and then go to Mp3Tag to tag everything and it's a bit of a hassle.
Thanks in advance!

No where does it say that MP3Tag plays audio files. It probably states the opposite.

That's the job of a player not a tagger. You can launch an external player to play files but this is not what you're after, right?

I was just under the impression that it was able to play them. If you right-click on a file there is an option to "Play"...seems like that implies that you should be able to play the file

I think that this is not so much an MP3tag problem but one of your Windows Emulation: you have to tell the Windows einvironment what to do with mp3 files.

Also, there is the option to start a special tool when double-clicking:
see File>Options>Tools for that. You have to know the command line syntax for that.

Example of one for VLC player. Not sure if available in mac though.

--playlist-enqueue --one-instance "%_path%"

More examples can be found here: TOOLS

I agree. I think it has to do with the Windows emulation as well, and not Mp3Tag. I've just never used Wine before so I wasn't sure how to get it to work. I'll poke around in the tools though. Thanks for the suggestion

Thanks. I'll give that a try. I appreciate it