Mac Data Folder Location


I own a mac that is running MacOS Big Sur 11.4, just download the trial version of this app for this. I have used Boot camp on Mac to use the free version but that is getting to be a pain and I would like to upgrade and buy the app if I can get it working on Mac.

I use it for tagging my audiobooks, via the code by seanap. I have tried finding the place to load the .src file but so far nothing.

/Users//Library/Application Support/de.mp3tag.Mp3tag_/drive_c/users//Application Data/Mp3tag/ this does not exsist.
I have gone through contents of package and through the container folders. Is this because I am on the trial? I dont want to purchase if I cant get it doing what i need. Does anyone know where the folder is located to add the src file into?

Thank you

See here:

Hi Kimberley and welcome!

Unfortunately, support for custom tag sources via the *.src files is not included in the Mac version, see this topic for some discussion around that topic:

Will there be a plan to support tag sources in future MacOS version release? :pray: