Support for custom Web Sources

I really like the new native app.
Does anyone know how we can add new tag sources like itunes.src to this native version?

Happy you like it :slight_smile:

The current beta of Mp3tag for Mac doesn't have any support for custom web sources (like the iTunes source you've linked to).

It's also one of the features that is not planned for the final version 1.0.

Hi Florian,

Is there a timeline for when this may be implemented?

No ETAs. I’m even not sure at the moment, if I will implement it in the same way at all.

Are you looking for a particular web source?

I mainly use a customised version of the iTunes web source.

Does that mean I can't create my customized discogs source? Eg. I've added DISCOGS_MEDIATYPE or RELEASETIME fields which are missing in basic Discogs source and so on.

Yes, that's correct. MEDIATYPE is imported, though.

Going to add my vote to this (if that means anything).

This is the main reason I'm stuck on the (funnily free) Windows version.

Yes, this would be tremendous and is one of my few stumbling blocks in adapting this native version.