Mac Error in Moving Files

Hi with the last 2 versions if i try and set up and action to change the directory to artists/album it is moving every file in the folder rather than just selected files.

Its even moving files that were not dragged into mp3tag.

Its also throwing load of secure bookmark errors, im having this issue on both my macs, Running Mojave on both.


If you change _DIRECTORY it is supposed to change the folder name and not the individual filenames.

If you want to rename/move, you’d need to use _FILENAME where you can also use relative or absolute folder names.

Regarding the errors I’d need all the details:

  1. Screenshot of source files
  2. Action you’re using
  3. Error messages, preferably from

Also, if it asks you for access permissions, you’d of course need to allow.


Hi @Florian ,
I have the same error as @savethewolf. I hope to help with the detailed issue.

If we have two actions in the same group:

  • one action on directory
  • one action on filename

We obtain this error:
In English: "Impossible to move "...." to "..."

I've tested on Windows version, no problem (I've used this type of actions for years)

Windows side

The actual workaround that I've found is to separate actions on filename and actions on directory
If you find the solution...

Many thanks for pointing! I think I have fixed the issue and I've sent you an updated internal beta version for testing.

This has been fixed with v1.2.0 :slight_smile:

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