Mac Feature Request: User-defined field mappings

I'd like to request that the User-defined field mappings option be added to the Mac version. Our radio station has committed to using the DATE field in our FLAC files. I need to enter a release DATE separate from the YEAR for all files that I prepare to be added to our digital library. When I configure a "DATE" tag into the tag panel, any value I enter gets automatically assigned to the YEAR tag and my DATE value is cleared. And, our station long ago standardized on using TRACKNUMBER. So having its value it transfer to TRACK is a showstopper for us.

The current beta 9 has a hidden preference setting, where you can disable the default mappings all together. You can use and the command

defaults write app.mp3tag.Mp3tag FieldMappingsEnabled false

to disable the mappings. I hope that addresses the issues you're having right now.

Please also keep in mind, that this is a hidden preference setting which can be removed in a future release, e.g., if I add something similar to the UI.

Looking forward to trying it out when beta 9 is made available.

Beta 10 should be available now.

Indeed it is, and yes, I was able to successfully disable the default mappings! Thank you!

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