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Hi. Was using this program on windows for a long time. I was waiting to see it on mac and now finaly it is available. I have only one issue that is related with permissions. Renaming from tags is not allowed on an external drive because You don’t have permission to save the file “The Modern Dance” in the folder “Pere Ubu”.. Now I have checked all known options. The drive has option of ownership turned off and every user has full access. Mp3 tag also has full disk access and all files and folders are allowed. Tried restarting, tried copying folders to different drives and renaming from there but the program keeps having the same message and is not able to rename a file. Trying to do so manually in Finder works fine. It seems as if Mp3Tag is working in non-admin user level, even though I have just admin user present. Please suggest a direction to solve this. Thanks

Can you give some more details about the external drive, especially which file system it is using? Also, can you make sure to open the folder of the files (not the individual files) via ⌘O.

Sure the drive is LaCie Mobile Drive 4TB External Hard Drive USB-C

APFS Volume

⌘O looks like a solving solution. I used drag and drop.

OK, great! Some background: Mp3tag gets secure access at the folder-level only when loading the folder that contains the files or a parent folder.

Secure access on the folder-level is required for sandboxed applications to rename files contained in the folder or to create temporary files that are needed when rewriting tags.

Mp3tag tries to remember the secure access via a secure bookmark provided by the system, so the next time drag and drop should be working also.

Thanks for an explanation! Seeing it working fine now, I will be buying the program next days. All other programs I tried on mac, weren't as good.
All the best with your work!

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