Mac version horizontal scrolling

I'd donated toward the Windows version a few times and used it forever. I'm switching over to Mac for everything and am still using the demo version of MP3Tag for the Mac. I am unable to scroll left to right and not sure what I'm missing. The scroll bar appears briefly at the bottom but I am unable to grab it. Is there a way I am supposed to scroll left to right that I'm missing or is this a bug? I am unable to do it with the arrow keys or mouse also. It is a MacBook Pro. Thank you.

You can scroll horizontally by swiping with two fingers left and right on your trackpad. If you want to grab the scrollbar with the mouse cursor, you'd need to trigger it via a short swipe and move the mouse cursor over it to make it stay.

That was it. Still learning the Mac. Thank you for the quick response.

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There is also a setting to always show scroll bars at Settings → Appearance → Show scroll bars, but I find it visually more appealing to only see them when needed.

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