macOS Sonoma - Music Player

Hello !

Until now, I was using MP3 tag to fill, listen and choose songs regarding my needs.

I was simply using the space touch and it was launching the OS simple reader.

A few days ago, I upgrade my OS to Sonoma, MP3Tag to last version 1.8.12 and I get a bad suprise. Now it's not possible to hear the selected song (See attached)

Does someone know how to fix it ?

Best regards


This happens if the file in questions in not really an MP3 file, but another file type (probably MP4) in disguise. You can check if Mp3tag shows an error in the Tag column and any data for bitrate or length.

Many of the download from YouTube websites are providing MP3 files which are actually something else. I recommend buying your Music from trusted and quality sources.

Renaming the file to *.mp4 usually fixes the issue, but make sure to remove any ID3v2 tags via Edit → Remove Tag before.