Macro or Action to Filter and Find Tracks With Same Title, then Write in Comment Field

I have a large collection of mp3 files of jazz music. As you might know, there are many jazz "standards", which are well-known songs recorded by many artists. For example, I might have 6 recordings of "A Night in Tunisia" and 12 recordings of "Body and Soul" by various artists.

I would like to label all my standards with the word "Standard" in the comment field.

My procedure is to do this:

Starting with the first track, copy the track's title and use it in the filter to find if there are any other tracks with the same title. If there are, type "standard" in each track's comment field (including the one used for the filter). Then move to the next track and repeat the process.

I am hoping there is a way to automate this process with an action or macro.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. It's almost impossible to do this manually.


If you select all the filtered files,
type in the word "Standard" in the comment field input box of the tag panel
then press Ctrl-S to save the modification

you at least save the work to do it manually for each file.

Any ideas that MP3tag should go through your collection and find some kind of duplicates will lead you astray as MP3tag only knows the data of the current file and does not compare it with the previous or the following one.
So it is up to you to determine which tracks you think are worthwhile to be labelled as "Standard".

Or perhaps this modification of the workflow:
Filter for files with
NOT %comment% HAS Standard
then select groups of the files where you think the "Standard" should be applied, label them, save the modifiction.
press F3 twice so that the filter gets refreshed.
You will now have a fairly large amount of files that are no standard.
Select a considerable chunk of these files and enter "non-standard" in comment, save the modification.

Like this you will see all the files that have not been treated.

Finally, when you are through, filter for
%comment% HAS "non-standard"

and delete the comment field in these files.