Macros and action sets



Could someone please point me to suggested reading to learn how to create macros and action sets.

I have already looked at the help file for action sets here, but while this was a good intro to pre-defined actions, I want to know how to create macros like Moonbase did here.

Many thanks.

P.S. Florian - thanks for such a powerful and reliable tool.


I think there is no special help file topic about how to build an actionsgroup ("macro").
So do it your own way. Go to Main Menu / Converter / Actions / Actionsgroups dialog and click and write together what you need. The handling of actionsgroups is almost self explaining.
Read about the Mp3tag scripting functions and understand what they can do for you, specifically in combination with the actions when building a proper 'Formatstring'.
And read criss cross through this forum to learn from other users how they have solved their personal problem with Mp3tag.
If you have a concrete question, then come back and ask.



Thanks for the reply. I'm still perusing this forum, but still can't understand how to crack the mystery of mta files. Their construct seems pretty simple:
T=: this appears to relate to some function/action
F=: This is probably the field that you're operating on.
and then there are some variables or parameters which presumably give the value for the field or the input of the function.

But how can I possibly figure out what 'T' numbers relate to what functions/actions?

Lots of people on this forum seem to know how to write these mta files. How did you guys figure this out?


Normally a Mp3tag user does not need to look into a mta file or change it manually, because all actions can be managed by user dialogues via the Mp3tag user interface.

Mp3tag experts sometimes use a simple texteditor and copy the published mta sequences from the forum pages via clipboard into a mta textfile, but that is not recommended, because you have to know how to do the escaping of special characters.

A mta 'action script' which you can find occasionally in the forum is a vehicle to transport the values from an action screen dialog to another user's eyes via the forum board.

A mta file has the structure of something like a standard inifile, but with some Mp3tag related anomalies resp. adaptions.

To make your own actions resp. actionsgroups readable for other users you can search the forum for the 'mta converter' tool, a valuable and free tool written by Mp3tag user and moderator Sebastian Mares. Personally I use a mta converter tool written by myself, which is not free available yet.

Have a good time with Mp3tag!



Thanks for sharing this converter.

I checked it out and it looks like the forum software used for mp3tag is now different and does not accept some of the formatting used in the converter such as references to text colour.

Have you updated this since release? I couldn't find Sebastian's version on the forums by the way.

In response to pedro, after experimenting I can confirm the following regarding T numbers:
T=1 'Case conversion'
T=2 'Replace'
T=3 Not listed in action types
T=4 'Regular expression'
T=5 'Format value'
T=6 'Remove duplicate fields'
T=7 'Guess values'
T=8 'Merge duplicate fields'
T=9 'Remove fields'
T=10 'Remove fields except'
T=11 'Convert codepage'
T=12 'Import cover from file'
T=13 'Export cover to file'
T=14 'Import text file'
T=15 'Export'
T=16 'Split field by seperator'


1=Original string
2=Replace original string with
3=0 Means 'only as whole word' and 'case-sensitive comparison' not selected
3=1|0 Means 'only as whole word' selected and 'case-sensitive comparison' not selected
3=0|1 Means 'only as whole word' not selected and 'case-sensitive comparison' selected
3=1|1 Means 'only as whole word' selected and 'case-sensitive comparison' selected