Main folder name

For example:-
main folder = Best of the Beatles
sub folders = Best of the Beatles cd1

                Best of the Beatles cd2

I use the Album column for the sub folders
How do I make a column to show the main folder.

To add another column press the right mouse button on one of the column headers and then click on the context menu "Columns ...".
If you want to see more information about the path, create in the columns-dialogue a column that has as contents %path% (I think there already is one - probably it is not active).

Or what was your problem exactly?

Thanks for that - got the way to create another column.
Using the "path" option gives the entire path. I only want to have the actual parent folder seen.
My folder structure
(drive)D:\ (main folder) Artists\ (Album Folder) Beatles Greatest Hits\ (sub folder if album has more than one disc) Beatles Greatest Hits CD1\ (track title) She Loves You

I only want to have the album folder listed. The reason is that I want to be able to export a list just of albums and not individual cds making up that album.
I should also mention that I am relisting my extensive collection and so I need to be able to batch enter the info. So some albums will and some will not have more than one cd/subfolder.
Hope that makes it a little clearer.
Thanks again

If you only want to see the parent folder then create a column that has
as value.