Main Window

How do I get back to "Mp3tag main window with enabled tag input fields "
from "Mp3tag main window with many enabled columns in file view" as I can't amend multilple tags through the current page.I've have no problems for several years and don't know how the menu page has changed.

I think you may mean the Tag Panel, so Ctrl-Q, or use the View menu.

Thanks but when i tried tag panel ( & view) it didn't give any means of saving or amending multiple items. On the web site it clearly shows 2 menus, it's the first one I'm trying to re establish when I open the program. It now defaults to the second screen.

Sorry, you've lost me.

What are you call the "menu page" and where do you see two menus? Can you link to the page on the web site that shows what you're talking about, then describe how yours is different.

Do you mean this view?

If you're missing the part on the left, that's the Tag Panel and can be restored with Ctrl-Q.

If you're missing the part on the right, try grabbing the first border inside the outer window's edge on the far right side and sliding it to the left. This should reveal the columns.

Sorry , I should have said the "Screenshot" page which shows several screen pages. The first is what I used to have and the second is what I now have.
and click on "Screenshots"
and yes it's the page you show I'm trying to get back to but nothing seems to work that I've tried.
Cntrl Q just brings up a tag panel window

Thanks for trying to help.

Still not sure what you're missing.

Do you maybe have all of the columns on the right hidden? When I do that I see nothing in the area on the right except a single column showing a file type icon for each file. Try right-clicking on the header row just below the button bar and selecting 'Customize columns...'. Enable individual columns by ticking the check boxes.

Thanks for your time. I have now resolved the problem by uninstalling the program and reinstalling it. It now works as before, just have to re tweak my preferences.
Thanks again.

Glad to hear. Nine posts into it and we still have no idea what the problem was.