Make a folder and copy files to it

I have a question about making a new folder and copy a few files to it.
I can't find it in this forum.

This is what i want. I have a couple of folders with about 30 files.

What i want is that it becomes after rename it to:
Folder CD1/01 - artist 1 - title.mp3

     CD1/02 - artist2 - title title title.mp3

Folder CD2/01 - artist1 artist - title.mp3

     CD2/02 - artist2 - title.mp3

Is it possible what i want?

Do you want to copy or move the files?

I can see no system in the filenames.
Do you have the tags ARTIST, TITLE and DISCNUMBER filled with content?
Is "artist" the artist-tag, is "title" the title-tag or do you only just have filenamens?
If "title" is the title-tag - why is it repeated 3 times in the filename?

I have to agree with poster that the examples you gave make it more or less impossible to guess what kind of conversion you really want.
If you want to use the 101 and 201 as trigger to separate files into different folders as the leading numbers represent the disc number you may have a look at the scripting functions.
use $div(xxx,100) to extract the leading number.
BUT: this means that you should have filled the tag fields first as apparently you treat the filenames as structured information although the filename is just an unstructured string.
Use the convert>filename-tag function first to extract the data into the structure of tag fields. Then rename the files.

Excuses for being not so clear. If the tags are empty i first make them filled by select them all, Right mouse click, filename - tag. And then i change a few things so it comes good on the right spot.

I want to move the tracks when they are renamed to the wright folder, like CD1 or CD2
Some titles are more words then one and they are separated by an _ or an - with a dash or no dash.
What i'm looking for is that i start with example:
All in one folder

To separated folders
Folder CD1
01 - The Great Players - The Song.mp3
02 - Testing - More Music.mp3
Folder CD2
01 - The Band - Great Music.mp3
02 - Singers - Soundsystem.mp3

My folders structure is:

    Title of the cd/
                        Track 01
                        Track 02

With a multiple cd it is:

    Title of the cd/
                                Track 01
                                Track 01

                               Track 01 
                               Track 02

Use the function Convert>Tag-Filename
Enter as mask:
%artist%\%album%\CD%dsicnumber%$num(%track%,2) - %title%

Adding the backslash will a create the directories.

Thanks for your answer.
When i try this conversion, i get now the Artist\Cd Name\CD\01 - Track.mp3
This happens with all the artist separate.
I said also something wrong also. I said i want cd name/cd1/Track - 01
I want to have it like this Cd Name\CD1\01 - Artist - Title.mp3
And for the tracks what starts wit 201, 202 etc, in folder CD2
So all the tracks what starts with 101, 102, etc in cd1.
Tracks what starts with 201, 202, etc. in cd2
And is it possible that yhe track what starts wit 101 wil get 01, 102 get 02
and track 201 get 01, 202 get 02 etc?
Or should i first autonumber it with ctr/K and change it before?

I hope i am clear now, my English is not that good.

The filename does not matter at all.
You have to have the tags filled.
if that is not the case then you are lost.
I assume that you have 101 in the field TRACK.
if you have not: go and import it wiith Convert>Filename-tag.
Then add the field discnumber with a "Format value" action and the format string $div(%track%,100).
To remove the leading 1 or 2 from TRACK alltogether either renumber the tracks or use another action of the type "Format value" only this time for TRACK and the format string "$mod(%track%,100)"
Now, if you spell discnumber like discnumber and not "dsicnumber" as i did then you should get the right result..

Your examples look like as if you want to insert a new folder above the track file ...
and the folder name should be created out of the leading number of the track filename.

Try this ...
Convert "Tag - Tag" or Action "Format value"
Formatstring: %_folderpath%$regexp(%_filename%,'^(\d+)(\d\d)-(.+?)$','CD$1\\$2-$3')


Thanks again. I will give it another try. Maybe it will work now and if not, i can try to change some things by myself so it will (hopefully) work .
I have to say, i didn't see it either that you typed dsicnumber. Maybe that's why it not worked.

Update 29-05: I have tried this and it works good when i change the name into Discnumber.
Sometimes the filename is a bit different but then i change something else first.

I want a folder with the cd title and in there the folders cd1 and cd2. And in the folders cd1 the tracks what starts with 101 102 ...
And in the folder cd2 the tracks what start with 201 202 ....
I will give it a try with you're example but i have to change some label names.
I give it a try.

Update 29-05: I have tried this and it works great. Sometimes the name is a bit different but then i change it a bit.