Make database of tags from directory of files...


It seems I hit a wall here. What I want to do is this:

I have folder that contains hundreds, thousands of music files. What I'd like is to select that folder and generate a database of matching filenames and tags. For example "ABC.flac" has artist A, album C, title C. So,

ABC | artist A; album B; title C

Ignoring the extension of course, so I can take FLAC files and tag OPUS files or whatever.

Then whenever I have files in mp3tag for tagging I select them all, point to that database and mp3tag matches the filenames to get the proper tags.

I know, what happens if the source directory tree had files with the same filename? Well, the database could store both set of tags, like:

ABC | artist A; album B; title C
ABC | artist X; album Y; title Z

and show a dialog when it encounters two set of tags for a given filename (so you choose between the two).

But forget this and let's assume all filenames are unique. I see the "local freedb" but no idea how it works. Can I make a local db based on filenames - tags?

Otherwise forget the database, let me specify a source directory and when tagging mp3tag searches the filename of the file to tag in that source directory to find the match from where to read the tags.

Or any other tagging program to do something like this? Online databases seem to be popular when tagging but I have no use for them. First most my stuff is obscure and second I made my tags particularly to my needs to aid browsing.

I made a large collection of music in MP3 carefully tagged long ago, but now I want to rip all my old CDs again as FLAC.

Or I have a library of (more recent stuff) in FLAC that I just converted to OPUS, but foobar didn't pass the tags from the FLAC originals to the encoded OPUS.

Thanks for reading all this.

You seem to have certain ideas.

But, do you know that you can copy the tags from one set of source files (e.g. mp3s from one album) and paste them to an identical set of target files (e.g. opus or flac).

MP3tag will not find files and check if they might be similar to other files. You have to do that.