Make progress bars saving honest and transparent

It's cool that there's XX/XX when you're saving on multiple items, but when there's only one, and the file is kinda big and heavy like an MP4 video, the progress bar is already full instantly and static. It would be nice if the progress bars are more accurate, honest and transparent, that actually fills out and move as the file saving really progresses, so we have a clear idea when it will really complete.

Please revise the progress bar implementation on saving process, even on multiple items, even if it's multiple items, the progress bar actually fills out as every one item gets saved, then resets for the process of the next item and so on.

Some little usability bugs

Thanks for the feature request. I can see how this would benefit processing of single, large files.

Based on the current architecture of Mp3tag, it's unlikely to get implemented in the near future.

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At least put a spot of it on your todo list in the future