Make Tag Panel all blank

Hi All

I set all of the elements in the tag panel to -blank- so I could remove all of the tags in some mp3 files. It worked well.

I saved this configuration so that at a future point I could load it and make all the boxes -blank- without changing each one individually.

Unfortunately , when I load the configuration back in , it doesn't work. It doesn't make the elements read -blank-.

Can someone help and suggest why this should be , and how o construct an .ini file to do this?


How did you do that?
You have to edit the tagpanel and set the default to blank.

The default settings (Blank, Keep) are only intended for handling several marked files at the same time. The default setting that has been made is therefore only displayed when several files are selected in the list, not for a single file.

Do you really want to delete all tags from files?
In this case, the "Blank" procedure is not recommended. The tag panel rarely shows all tag fields but only the most common ones in the default setting. And even if you edit the tag panel yourself and add tag fields, you can never be sure that all tag fields in the file will be displayed. To show all tag fields that are in the files and are supported by MP3Tag you have to use the extended tag view. (ALT-T). But even then there may still be fields in the files that are not supported by MP3Tag.

In order to really delete all fields in Mp3s, first set all the ticks in File->Options->Tags->MPEG for "Remove". Then mark the desired files in the file list and click on the red cross icon.

I would like to add that there is also an action to remove all fields except

and if you set a field name that will most likely not exist, then you would remove all the other fields.

The general philosophy stays the same: MP3tag never does anything automatically on its own, you as the user always have to trigger a function.
I would find a setup rather dangerous that removes all fields simply when I load files as this would make it impossible to edit the metadata in files which only need small improvements but not the removal of all tag data.

Thanks for your replies everyone.

Sometimes , I have files with very differing amounts of tag data in a playlist , and I Blank certain areas before I rationalise them.

I don't do this all the time , but I was wondering why the 'Save Configuration' wasn't reinstating - blank - when I load it back in. It would be a handy function to have , rather than doing this manually all the time.

The configuration file needn't be used blank / keep all fields , simply to reinstate the pattern in place when the user saved it.


It does. But it only reinstates it when you configure the tag panel and save the configuration.
Changing "Blank" and "Keep" during editing does not change the configuration.

Thanks for getting back. This is the reason for my post. I find the configuration file that I saved with Blanks in the tag panel does not reinstate them when I load it back in.

I would upload my configuration file for people to see , but I don't see how to do that to the forum.

I was hoping to be able to save a blank/keep setting rather than entering it manually every time.


You would have to select several files.
You would have to save the modifications at least once.

You would already be loading a new configuration to make that work. Perhaps instead create a new Action that would Remove all fields, or Remove Fields Except? That way you could select any tracks you wish to perform this with, and either right-click or use the top menu to choose this new Action. A much more distinct way to confirm this is what your actual intention is to clear the fields, without doing it unintentionally in the Tag Panel.