Make TITLE Feat. YYY -> TITLE (Feat. YYY)

Hey !

I have a an issue I have to deal with very often when I'm editing tags.

  1. I wanted to capitalize the first letter of "feat." -> SOLVED
  2. I also would like to add an opening ( and a closing ) to the featuring part

TITLE Feat. YYY -> TITLE (Feat. YYY)

Is that possible ?

Thanks for your help :wink:

Filter the files that have "feat." in the title.
Then create an action group with 2 actions:

  1. Action: Replace for TITLE
    Replace " Feat."
    With " (Feat."

  2. action: Format value for TITLE
    Format value: %title%)

THis assumes that the Feat-Part is always the last part in TITLE.

Awesome, works like a charm, thanks !