Making a Tag Server

Hey all,

I have a database that is online that I want MP3 Tag to be able to get data from. I have made a .src file for it in data\sources and from the server logs and mp3 tag itself; states that it connects but despite the http code being 200 mp3 tag reports no match. What should the server be returning for a correct match? Also despite having Debug "ON" "out.txt" no log file is generated..?

It depends on what you sent as search query to your server.

The most easy response would be a JSON formatted page including metadata.
If you provide a HTML page, the parsing effort is much bigger as the structured fields and data in JSON.

Maybe this documentation can help you to start:

If you are looking how existing servers respond to requests, you could do it similarly:
Examples for MusicBrainz.

ok, thank you. I want to do as little work as possible and I'll look through some Json solutions.

Just out of curiosity:
Why do you want to do this on your own server?
Do you like to let other (external) people use your service in the future?
How can people contribute and add or edit data?

Would it not be easier to use an existing service like Discogs or MusicBrainz?
Maybe with your own additions if necessary?

it provides tags for mp4 videos, that does not seem to exist. I use mp3 tagger to tag mp4 videos so my DNLA server can categories the videos into all the usual folders that you find on typical music players.

So yes it is for external people to do the same, and if I do it right there is no need for user input as I will have the complete data set of all available videos of this type

OK I have gotten quite far, if I may ask a question:

Is there any way to get rid of the "Metadata title" and "tracks" part of this dialog? As they are uneed when tagging videos.

Note the XXwhateverXX will be filled from the database, they are just placeholders.

Also can you point me in direction for linking a cover photo, I have them as url links in my dB just need to provide them to mp3tag

AFAIK there is no option to hide this GUI parts.

You can have a look at the existing WSS. The code snippet to show Amazon Covers looks like this:

           ifOutput "ASIN"
               outputto "coverurl"
               say ""
               sayoutput "ASIN"
               say ".01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg"