Making Actions (suggestion)

Just wondering if you can do the following:

When editing actions, it is not possible to save what I edited unless I check one and actually run it. Sometimes all I want to do is design a series of actions for future use but not actually use them. Or sometimes I just want to re-order them. If the Actions Editor window could not require that an action be checked and run, that would be awesome!

Here's the last one:

Adding a function:

$input() ---> It can pop up an input dialogue with nothing more than an edit box and OK/Cancel buttons. This will be handy for quickly renaming artist or album from the actions menu using "Format Function" or "Replace".

Even without these improvements ... excellent program! Saving me tons of time :slight_smile:

You can save the current state with "Utils > Save"

On a related note, one thing that I've always found a little annoying is that you can't create or edit actions without tracks being loaded and selected in Mp3tag.