Making Filename same as Title + some other niceties

Hi All

This is the first time of posting so forgive me if I have not phrased this correctly. I am trying to achive two things:

  1. to make the Filename and the Title field the same description (excl file extensions)

and then within both of these fields

  1. to change all of the following discrete words into lowercase, unless they are at the begining of the Filename/Title fields, in which case they should be made to be mixed case.
    i.e. The = the, A = a, Of = of, If = if, To = to, In = in, At=at, And = and, As = as

Hope that this is clear enough for someone to find a solution for me.
Have dabbled with this for a while without getting anywhere.



Well, you would have to start with number 2.
Create an action group that has numerous actions of the type "Replace" for TITLE.
Enter as Search String e.g. " The " (without the inverted commas as they only show the prefixed and trailing blanks)
and as Replace string " the ".
Repeat this for every word that you want to treat in a special way which means you end up with several actions in that action group
See the FAQs if you are not sure about how to create actions.

After you have set the correct case you can use the Converter Tag-Filename to rename your files.
as filename mask. The dialogue has a preview.

#1 is easy. select all files, in menu choose CONVERT, then TAG > FILENAME, and enter this mask:

and hit OK. This will change the names of all your files to match the title of the track.

If you'd like the file name to be the track number and then the title, use this:

%track% - %title%

if you want the track #'s to be two digits (so 01 comes before 10, etc.), use this:


Ok will give this a go when I get a solution to part 2 of my problem.

If I have understood your final sentence above will this :

                             "$num(%discnumber%,2)-$num(%track%,2) %title%"

give me the following: "01-01 The Phantom of The Opera.mpa"


If you have a blank before and after the "The" (so it looks like this: " The ") then any "The" at the beginning should not match the pattern as it has no leading blank.
But this is what I wrote in my initial reply.
So check if the Replace action has a blank before and after the word you want to change.

Thanks for clarifying, I think I know where I went wrong.
I was originally using the standard Replace command which didn't work properly, but by using the Replace with regular expression command this seems to work ok.