Making mp3 part of several playlist

Hello mp3tag community! I made a profile just for this quite complicated scenario i have.

First off, let me just say MP3TAG is a very useful program. salutes to Florian Heidenreich! You are a genius sir!

Is there a way in MP3TAG to make an mp3 be part of several playlists, like permanent?

Here's a sample scenario:

I have 10 songs. (Song1, Song2, Song3, ... Song10).

I want 3 playlists:
1st playlist is named "odds" and it has Song1, Song3, ... Song9.
2nd playlist is named "first five" and it has Song1, Song2, ... Song5.
3rd playlist is named "random" and it has Song1, Song4, Song8, Song10.

As you see, Song1 is in all of the 3 playlist. Now, i know I can just create playlist and put it in all of them.

My dilemma is, if I re-organize my mp3 files in the future (i.e. move it to different folders, different drives), the playlists will not find them (since the directory changed).

So going back to the scenario, is it possible to tag Song1.mp3 in a way that it will know it is part of the playlists "odds", "first five", and "random" , regardless of it's location in a directory?

Thanks in advance to anyone who read or anyone who will help out. :slight_smile:

You can create a user-defined field e.g.
and fill it with more or less any text you like.
So you can set to contain (example again)
odds; first five; random

It is up to you to fill and maintain the field.

To get just one list of files to generate a new playlist from the files, use a filter e.g.
%my_playlist% HAS odds