Making MP3Tag more intuitive + other suggestions

Here are some NICE suggestions I expect to see in the next MP3Tag release.

- IMPROVE LEFT COLUMN functionalities.

It would be very useful if I could edit some things directly from the LEFT COLUMN menu. Specifically Add/Remove text/digits in fields whitout changing the already stored texts/digits just the way we do with auto-nubmering and Actions sometimes.

I think it would be more intuitive if we could add something like this:
0/18 on the %track% field of the left column so MP3Tag will add info before and after without altering what's already stored in it.

I noticed a little problem though trying to rename the file when the %track% field is with the "01/18" format. Mp3Tag suggest to number the track as "0118". You can bypass this problem by adding a checkbox or something to tell MP3Tag we want the track number to written 2 digit only, reading just the 2 first numbers. I think a checkbox would be the ideal for that cause who knows if maybe somebody wants the tracknumber to be 4 or more digits...

There should be a way to remove info of some fields without needing to create a new ACTION directly from the left. For example I have a file named:


Would be also cool if the left column shows me the filename and I could simply write directly to the field something like:

"-kw" and then clicking on SAVE

so I would have the "-kw" on the ending of the filename removed with no need to go to actions and create a rule for that.

Yeah I know I can do it in another way by renaming the file using the tag as a source but what if the TAG also has in the %title% field the "-kw" ending too?
I believe it would be easier and faster adding some more POWER to the left column.

- Changing languages after MP3Tag is installed.

Somebody might want to change from German to English or to any other language after the installation is finished. I tried but I couldn't find a way to do it. If there is already a way to change the translation, please make it easier. Maybe adding a menu "Language" or something like that inside OPTIONS menu.

- Add a button in the left column with the file tag info with the function "Save Tag" so can change the info and just click the button instead of "Right Clicking->Save Tag".

YEAH I know there is already a SAVE button on the toolbar above, but it think putting it in the left column as well would turn MP3Tag more intuitive for beginner users.

- Adding some support to importing titles from "AMG All Music Guide" website.

Well I think this one is the harder...maybe an utopie but I always go to to look for the right info of my MP3 albums, like the year an album was released and the composer of a tune.

I think that's what I remeber so far

Keep up the excellent job.


You can use a throw away action Format value for TRACK with %track%/18 for this. Or use the tracknumbering wizard.

Just use $num(%track%,2) or $num(%track%,3) or $num(%track%,4)

This is what the [Del] key is for :stuck_out_tongue: No seriously, this can be perfectly done via an action.

I'm planning to add this to a future release of Mp3tag.

No, this is not planned.

This can be done using the new Web Source Framwork. There already is an AMG script available, though it doesn't fetch all info avaliable (yet?).

Answering those long wish-lists takes most of my spare time these days :rolleyes:

Best regards,
~ Florian

When I read this request for improving the left column functionality, I thought somebody had the same issue I have... Now I see it is not. Thus, I think this request is brand new. Sorry if somebody else already reported. I've tried to search the forum by all the concepts I could think of and I don't see it.

Well... Here it goes.

I think it would be excellent if this already excellent program provided the chance to customize the Tags supported on the left panel. I know that more tags than those available in that panel can be reached through Alt+T. However, it is by far much more troublesome when you need to tag many files quickly with some of those tags.

I think the usefulness of this feature is so obvious, that I fear that if the Author has not implemented it, is because there is some terrific technical problem I ignore... so I'll explain my personal issue. I hope this way, if the generic case cannot be implemented, I hope at least my specific need may be addressed. I'm pretty sure I am not alone with this need either.

I'm very interested in tracking the Composers of my classic music, so I miss the functionality of tracking Composers as easily as I can track Artists. For me, they are so important or even more.

I'd used to map Composer information to the Comments field, as this field really is on the left column, but now I am interested in coding other stuff in the Comments field, so this workaround doesn't work for me anymore.

Having the possibility to customize the tags I want in the left column, as I can customize the tags on the columns on the main window, would be great. If it is not feasible, I'd love to have at least the Composer field on the left column, so that I can update it so easily as the Title, the Artist, etc.

Congratulations for the wonderful program and the price, that's as wonderful as the program.


Well, taken from the current roadmap: