Making songtitle identical to filename

Hi, it's a nice program, there's one thing that I can't seem to find out though. I'm sure the answer is very easy. I have changed the filenames of all my mp3's to include the tracknumber (so "Bohemian rhapsody" has changed to "10 - Bohemian rhapsody", however now I want the songtitles to be identical to the filename. I just like it like that............. How do I do that??

Thanks in advance!

Nevermind, I got it.......... and yes it was easy........

Wow - one I can answer.

a) Select items to be changed - Ctrl+A, selects all.
b) hover over 13th icon in toolbar - this should show "Filename - Tag"
c) click on this icon
d) in pop up box type %title%
e) select - enter

Magic - it's done.

Out of interest how did you add the tracknumber to filename - did you use MP3Tag.
If you did not - you should. I have yet to find anything that MP3Tag cannot do.