Making sure FLAC files have only native FLAC tags?

I know that MP3Tag supports FLAC - I've been using it to tag FLAC files for a long time now.
I'd like to know if there's a way for MP3Tag to make sure that there are only native FLAC tags.

I have options set to delete ID3v1, ID3v2, and APE, to remove ID3v1, ID3v2, and APE, and to write ID3v2.3 ISO 8859-1

Now, from looking "under the covers" a bit with metaflac, I can see that MP3Tag is writing native FLAC (Vorbis style) tags. I'm not completely sure how to make sure APE and ID3 tags are gone. Do I just need to look in the first few sectors of the file?

More importantly (well, more importantly to me), how do I setup MP3Tag so that it converts all tags into native FLAC (Vorbis) tags and then deletes the non-native tags? Do I have it right? Will a simple "save" do it, or do I need to delete tags, save, paste tags, save - or something convoluted like that?

Thanks for any answers - and apologies if this has been asked before. I tried search and saw nothing near this...

PS: I'm writing ID3v2.3 ISO 8859-1 because I have an MP3 player that has trouble with 2.4 tags - and I didn't see any reason to have MP3 tags one way and the FLAC tags the other - but if changing write to 2.4 will give better results, please tell me. As a side note, UTF-8 pretty much means no accented characters, doesn't it?
thanks again!

You can create a custom column (named Tags, for example) and configure its value as "%_tag_read%(%_tag%)". This column will display the read tag as well as all other tags found in file (in brackets).

This is relevant for MPEG files. FLAC is not MPEG.

I don't get it, why would you like to have the same coding for different tag systems? ID3v2.3 allows you to use either UTF-16 or ISO-8859-1, ID3v2.4 use UTF-8, VorbisComment and APE tags also use UTF-8 (for data values, not the keys). There are standards and all the (compatible) players/taggers/etc. must support them.
And no, UTF-8 does not mean "no accented characters", it means more optimal character coding.

BTW, Wikipedia contains enough information about these topics.

Useful - thanks!

Right - but there isn't a separate settings page for FLAC, which would seem to indicate that MPEG settings are also making FLAC settings in some non-obvious way. If they do not - and if MP3Tag always writes native FLAC (vorbis) tags and deletes ID3 and APE tags, then that's all I need to know. The only reason I'm even interested in this is that the flac doc states that APE and ID3 can be embedded in FLAC files - but no guarantee that they're handled. Add to that the fact that MP3Tag reads same-value APE and ID3 tags in one priority order and my main FLAC player (squeezebox) does it in another - and I'm interested in making sure that non native tags are gone.

Easy: if these settings do no harm on my main system, then it's less hassle to leave it in a way that they will do no harm when I go to play MP3s on my portable. MP3 files are usually audiobook tracks and it sucks to be in the middle of a trip and discover that that second or third book I've got queued up wont play right.
But... if these settings don't affect FLAC at all "this is relevant for MPEG files" then you're saying they don't matter? So I'm doing the right thing - for the wrong reasons.

Cool! I went through the whole internationalization thing in the early 90's and still think of Unicode as just what it now UTF-16, and completely missed the boat on UTF-8 - thought it was just the std bottom 127 chars plus an internationally agreed on upper 127. There'd been a DEC attempt at internationalized charsets that worked a bit like this - but AFAIR the MB start flag always signaled a fixed length of bytes following.

Yeah - once I find out something I thought I knew was wrong, wikipedia and google can be pretty useful.

Yes, you can even go further displaying the codepage of ID3v2 tags if you set the column value to "%_tag_read%$if2(/%_id3v2_character_encoding%,) [ (%_tag%)]".
Bad news - it works only for mp3. I've tried one test flac file tagged with APEv2 and ID3v1 and no luck - mp3tag see only the FLAC tags, others are ignored. The same goes for Foobar2000 and MusicBee. I cannot test with Winamp, currently I don't use it because of the lack of Musepack support. So, you cannot use mp3tag to detect other tags in flac files. However, you can use Tag for that task (the same that I've used to add ID3 and APE tags to the file).

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Mp3tag just updates the FLAC tags but leaves untouched the other tags. However, with Tag you can delete all tags in the file, there is no way to specify only one tag type to be deleted, though. Anyway, if you are "lucky" and have only ID3v1 tags added at the end of the flac file, you can remove only them and leave the FLAC tags by using "--force flac" option of Tag. This trick doesn't work with APE for me, though.
Of course, you can use a hex editor to remove tags at the end of file, if you have just a small number of such files.

Better than the opposite, isn't it? :wink:

I know what you mean, my local is not US :slight_smile:


Unfortunately, Mp3tag lacks the basic tools for doing this. You can do it manually, but it's a kludge to remove ID3 tags from FLAC files and something I'd do very carefully on only small portions of a library at a time. Even at that, make sure that you have very good backups in place for recovery should something go wrong. At the very least, Mp3tag should have a single option for FLAC files, similar to the option it has for the now obsolete Monkey's Audio (APE) files - that of removing unwanted ID3 tags. It doesn't necessarily need to read them or write them, just remove them without also removing the FLAC tag.

Why do you all have ID3 tags on your flac files?