making the title and filename the same

Hi, been using mp3 tag for a while and tagged up loads of music but the title was different when played, only recently found the title column and realise where i was going wrong. i like my music organised so that the title or whatever is shown on mp3 player etc is the same as the title of the filename in my music folders, so no crap like 11 - artist - track name - album name or nothgin.

is there a quick way to copy over the titles and have the same as the filename? as then id only have to edit down the title or filename colum then copy the info, rather than what im doing now which is having to edit down ech colum and type the same stuff twice.

hope this has come ot clear enough? please explain in simple terms as i tried deciphering the help and faq and couldnt understand any of it.

Just edit the title like you want it to be and then use :mt_ttf: Converter > Tag - Filename with %title% as format string to adjust the filenames.

I may be wrong but I think he wants to make the title the same as the filename, if so I'm after the same info.

On a similar tack, is there a way to get an increasing number in the title field in the same way the autonumbering wizard does the track field. I just want to be able to replace the titles with 01, 02, 03 and so on, biut would rather not do it manually like I have been today.

I am very new to mp3tag so please be gentle. :rolleyes:

Never mind I've sussed how to do a basic copy of track to title. :rolleyes: