Making the Title Field Match The Filename Field

First off, killer app. The time and effort that went into building it is phenonimal.

Is there an automated method we can use to convert a Filename into a Title?

Here is an example of what I currently see:

Filename: Lykke Li - Melodies and Desires

Title: Melodies and Desires

It would be cool to be able to automatically convert to do this:

Lykke Li - Melodies & Desires

Lykke Li - Melodies & Desires

Right now, I have to manually copy, line by line, each Filename over the Title, which I've been doing for about 3 years now every day, just have never figured out an automated method.

Thanks and hopfully this thread helps someone else out also.

Use the converter (Menu) Filename - Tag.
Enter a mask with variables and string to match the pattern of your filename(s). If your example is correct then I would suggest this mask:
%artist% - %title%
This mask would also fill the tag ARTIST and not only TITLE.
If you only want TITLE then use this mask:
%dummy% - %title%
If you want the whole filename as TITLE:
The preview function in that dialogue will guide you.

As your example varies in respect to spelling: "Melodies and Desires" vs. "Melodies & Desires" you would also have to replace the "and" by "&". For this select all files that should get modified and use the action "Replace" from "quick actions" in the toolbar.