Making windows folder name the Album name - help

Hello - new to the community. Used MP3Tag (and supported!) for years....but have never really explored all its mysterious ways....I'm trying to extract part of the windows folder name as the album....but have not been able to conjure it up so far.....this is the file structure.....all help very welcome. Stay safe! Best wishes

Try Convert>Filename-Tag
Pattern: %album%\%dummy%

Thanks very much. These flacs don't have any tag information on them. They are just raw files sat inside folders.I was going to create titles for each from the file names ....but thought I'd better do the album first! That tag does not seem to work for me

What do you mean?
What does the preview show?
Do you have the backslash between the 2 adjacent %-characters?

You can select the directory with MP3Tag, then highlight all files in the directory. Make sure that "keep" is shown for all tags that you don't want to change. Then type the Directory Name into the album field and hit Save. It's a little bit of work, but sometimes trying to get your computer to think on your behalf is a waste of time ... :slight_smile:

The convert function would do that for you - and I see a number of folders in the example ...

Originally I thought that there was no way to refer to the Directory Name as a field.


You can use Convert Tag-Tag.

For Field, choose ALBUM

For Format String, choose %_directory%


(This Format String is undocumented, so we need confirmation from Florian that it is supported.)

No informational field variable appears in the field selector - you have to type it in.

that works - fantastic stuff !!! Thanks very much. As they used to say in the A-Team...."I love it when a plan comes together"....thanks everyone.