Malformed HTML file on export



Sorry for my english, and thanks for this very good program.
If I would export many folders in an HTML file, with option to add content to existing file (to have all content in one file), the result is one HTML file with many headers, body and so on...
OK, its conform to the checkbox, but this file is corrupted.

A file like ("<" and ">" are replaced by "-")
-table>Folder 1 content</table-
-table>Folder 2 content</table-
-table>Folder 3 content</table-
-table>Folder N content</table-

should be exist.



It is very hard to tell where the bug should be without a look at the original export script.


I use this commands :slight_smile:
File / Export => html_mp3tag
Append data : checked
One file per directory : checked

No file can be attached in this interface, so I send an short extract of my file (3584 Body tag in my file) by mail (just 6 x Body tag in this file).



I just used the shipped html_mp3tag export script on 2 folders with no problems.

Yet, if you want to use one file per folder, then the name of the export file should contain a variable that is unique for that folder like e.g. %artist%_%album%.
I do not think that the options to append a file and create a file per folder go together very well.