Managing Tags of Music app

Dear All,

I'm a newbie, and this may very much be a trivial question. I have downloaded MP3Tag as I was fed up with how the Music App (previously known as iTunes) managed my library.

My hope was that I would be able to use MP3Tag to edit efficiently my mp3 metadata, and that they would be reflected in the Music App.

Now I have changed some metadata in my files using MP3Tag, but I can not see any changes in the corresponding files, within my Music App.

Am I doing something wrong? Should I somehow solicit Music App to re-load the tags, or am I simply misunderstanding what MP3Tag is for?

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Hi Daniele and welcome! indeed doesn't reflect the external changes automatically, but needs to be triggered to read the data again. This is either possible by opening the information window Cmd+I on a per-track basis of via a simple Apple Script which you can use with the Script on macOS:

tell application "Music"
	set sel to selection
	if sel is {} then return
	repeat with aTrack in sel
		if class of aTrack is file track then refresh aTrack
	end repeat
end tell

You can run it while having the tracks to be reloaded selected in

It was inspired by this one of Doug's AppleScripts.

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Thanks for your help, and for a quick response!

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