ManiaDB(kor) API has been updated to 0.5

API has been updated now to the public.
(API key is when put the your e-mail.)

However, the operation does not seem to be updated by the existing data.
(/t/10815/2 )
Existing data is the need to be modified, but it is difficult in my ability.
Since this is unique, DB South Korea, would be good if someone help me. :smiley:

Maniadb web site :
Description of the ManiaDB API :

How about this script? (attached)

ps. If you want to search various releases, use "keyword" + "!!". (ex. 동물원 1집!!)

maniadb_Search_by_Album___xfactor___20140831_1238.src (4.27 KB)

It is very well.
Thank you very much :smiley:

Can I get the tag source scripts for the updated Maniadb API?
I want to search tag information by artist or song title.
I found the script with searching tags by album, as the attached file above; but couldn't find one for artist or title.
Thank you for your help!

anyone know where to get the api key from ? I've emailed the site and tried to get a key/login for it and no one is replying.

anyone have naver or daum music sourcer?

I've modified xfactor's parser. You can download a zipped file from here.
There are two files. Using these files, you can search by artist or by song title.

api key is your email address.

for daum and naver, daum doesn't support music service anymore and I cannot find music service api from naver's open api list.