ManiaDB, Korean Music Source w/ over 3M record

Hi all, :music:

I have tried to get this source work with mp3tag for 2days and I finally gave up. :huh:
I am hoping any geek here could make this Korean music database work with mp3tag!!

it has over 3m record with very high quality album arts.
also, it contains worldwide music record.
here is an example of search "beatles"

This is site address:

I am very sure that not only thousands mp3tag users in Korea would LOVE to see this DB work in mp3tag but also non-koreans would love it.

If you need any, I really mean any translation help, PLEASE let me know. Ill be welcome to assists you for translation. I could get you an apikey if you need.

Here is a simple album search.

You need to insert an API key before you can use it!


You rocks!!
Thanks you for the work.

I have go through through some tests, and I got some Error showing up.
especially when album with muti-disks or Various Artists.

I think it works fine with single artist and single disk.

Here are some examples,

  1. (Various Artists)
    (Various Artists)
    (Various Artists)

Thanks again for this great work!! I am so excited that ManiaDB can finally work with Mp3Tag :laughing:

I've added various artists support.

Coooool :laughing:

I have tested with several albums and all of them works just fine.

Thank you!

I have using this script very well for a long time, but, I am not sure if its because of my recent update of mp3tag to 2.49 or some api changes have been made for maniadb, it gives me error of "server connection error :" after pressing next button from list of search result.

I have tried to see the script source and analyze the problem but api seems to be working fine and I cant find any possible errors. :unsure:

I hope to see this script back to work :book:


Yes, problem probably because of a new Mp3tag version.
I've added an updated script.

Hi dano,

Thanks for the update. But the problem still persists.
I have downloaded the v2 version and edited the xxxxx to api key and tried in my 2.49 and I still get the same error message, "server connection error :".

I look and compare the v1 and v2 script and only difference I can find was album url ending with one equal or with two equals.


My bad.

I was putting the source to \Program Files\mp3tag\data\sources and thats why it didnt work.
saving src to %appdata%\Roaming\Mp3tag\data\sources fixed problem

Thanks! :laughing:

Hi dano,

after updating my mp3tag to v2.52 this script has stopped working.
if its not difficult for you, can you give us update of this script for 2.52?


It still works for me. What's your error message?

Oh, i get it.
It returns connection error when the data of album is empty like ""
your script is just fine

Thanks anyway!

Hi dano,

I think ManiaDB have just updated their xml sturcture, resulting your script to return duplicated track list.

Ex. if an album has song "ABC" and "DEF"

  1. ABC
  2. ABC
  3. DEC
  4. DEC

i tried to fix it myself but failed :frowning: need your assistence. Thanks! :music:

try the update

Its perfect.
Thanks again! :laughing:

Hello Dano,

it seems like maniadb have made some change in their API which makes previous web source not functioning.

if you have some time, i wish you could fix this to make it work again.

Thank you! :rolleyes:

is there anyone who can give us updated web source script?

I'll try.

Hi dano!

do you have any progress so far?

Hi, I'm maniadb developer.
Thank you for using maniadb api, and I'm sorry about api problem.

I uploaded modified script. Can you try this?
ManiaDB(kor) API has been updated to 0.5