Manually rearrange files and number them accordingly



Is it possible to manually rearrange the files (drag them up/down with the mouse or any other method)? If yes, how could I rename the files or change the track number to reflect the order of the files? So that the file moved up to the first place could be renamed to01.mp3 and / or get the track number 1. The second 02.mp3, tracknr 2, etc...
I hope there's a solution.


Hold the ALT key pressed while moving the files up and down.


Thank you! It works.
Now how do I rename the files to get filenames based on their position (01.mp3, 02.mp3, etc). I tried to create a column $num(_counter%,2) but it shows only 00-s.


You could use the auto-numbering wizard and add track numbers, which you then use to generate the file names, or if you don't want to use track numbers, use the Tag-Filename converter with $num(%_counter%,2).


Thank you! This works too. I figured out myself your first solution for renaming but the tag -> file $num(%_counter%).mp3 is just what I was looking for. Big help!
Thank you!