Map Discogs STYLE tag to GENRE

Is there a way to change the Discogs tag source so that it writes Discog's STYLE field to the files GENRE tag and does not write the Discogs GENRE tag to the file at all.

I find the Discogs STYLE tag much more useful and detailed so it would be great if I could have that automated instead of having to do that manually!


I think the easiest way is just afterwards with an action of the type Format Value or the equivalent converter-function Tag->Tag where you could simply write the content of %style% to %genre% and maybe delete STYLE afterwards.

But you can also edit the file in the %appdata%-mp3-actions-subfolder with a plain text-editor and change outputto "STYLE" to outputto "GENRE".

You should consider that you have to change this again after each update of Mp3Tag.

Editing the .inc file worked, thanks! Do you know of a similar fix so that I can have Discogs Artist to Album Artist as well?

No I don't and this does not make any sense to me.
An ALBUMARTIST holds an album together and there may be many different artists in an album but only 1 albumartist.