Mapping Discogs 'Year' to another field?


i've been finding the Discogs import feature quite useful for adding missing tags. however, one thing i don't like about it is that, for reissued/remastered albums, the 'Year' tag from Discogs contains the re-release year, not the original release year, and this is mapped to the YEAR field in Mp3tag.

in my library, i prefer to set YEAR to the original release year (even for reissues), then i add a REISSUEDATE tag for the reissue year. at the moment, this means i have to deselect the Discogs 'Year' field when importing, then manually re-tag everything with the reissue date afterwards.

is there a way to have Mp3tag automatically map the Discogs 'Year' to my REISSUEDATE field instead?

The scripts are plain text files so that you edit such a script file easily.
Replace YEAR with REISSUDATE in such a script.

where would i find the script?

selecting 'Tag Sources' > 'Open Tag Sources Folder' opens /Users/.../Library/Containers/app.mp3tag.Mp3tag/Data/Library/Application Support/Mp3tag/Sources, but that directory is empty.

i looked through the contents of /Applications/ but didn't see anything that looked relevant.

see the documentation on where to look for tag source scripts:

i see, so i'd need a third-party script to do this rather than using the built-in Discogs importer?

i'll have a look at that, thanks.