Mapping special fields the same way as MusicBrainz



MusicBrainz apps (like recent -and alpha- PicardQt), which I couldn't live without any more by now, uses special fields like musicbrainz_albumid. Problem is, for technical reasons (as I understood it, see this MusicBrainz bug report), these fields are not spelled the same according to the Tags (ID3v2, Ape...) used, example for their way of storing musicbrainz_albumid:

  • ID3v2: TXXX:MusicBrainz Album Id
  • ApeV2: musicbrainz_albumid
  • WMA: MusicBrainz/Album Id
  • etc.
So when one copies from say an mp3 file and pastes to say an mpc file with MP3Tag, the mpc files bears the field "MusicBrainz Album Id" while it should actually bear "musicbrainz_albumid".

Also, it makes sorting through a various formats music colelction complicated, by using several custom fields for basically the same information, like:

  • etc.

So my request is, is that possible for MP3Tag to map the MusicBrainz fields the same way that PicardQt does?