Mass album art import


First of all, thanks for all the great work with Mp3tag, an absolute top product!
I would like to automatically import the file folder.jpg into my MP3 files, without changing file date, if possible.

Also, I don't want to override the existing album art.

The folder/file structure is as follows:
my files are structured as follows:

So is it possible to do this with one action, or with a script?

Many thanks in advance.

Action: Import cover from file
Format string for image filename: folder.jpg

Leave "Delete existing cover art" unchecked.

Doesn't the name of this action explain it itself? File Modification Date is of course changed, File Creation Date not.

Hi Pone,

Brilliant! I couldn't have hoped for such a quick & easy soluction.
Thanks for the quick answer.

I followed these instructions exactly - I had album art in "folder.jpg" in each album folder. But there was a frightening side effect: Somehow MP3tag is no longer able to read any tag information from my library - Artist, Title, etc. etc. all are now blank on every song.

iTunes and Windows can still read them, so I don't think the info was erased, but MP3tag can't see it.

I have checked all three formats in "read", and "APEv2 and ID3v2.3/UTF16" for write, and checked all three for "remove".

Any thoughts would be much appreciated!