mass album quering


The program is the greatest I've ever seen. Especially I love the function to emulate audio cd to query the freedb database. It works great.

I just have a question. I have almost 1000 cds ripped into mp3 on the hard drive. They are each in separate folder. When I go to a folder, select all tracks and do freedb search "determine from selected files" it works great. But, is there a way to automate this process? So that it just goes to each album and does it for me?

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Hello Vad!

Sorry, but this is not possible at the moment.

Thanks for the nice feedback and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

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~ Florian

This function is integrated in this horrible software:
Horrible because he is very very buggy.
(he corrupted hundred ogg albums after a tag process).

But the function is fantastic :

It automates requests to freedb from a selection of multiple folders.
After the requests, it's possible to choose each album to update from freedb !

The winning time is incredible.

It is an essential function, if anyone can implement this great function ?