Mass Batch-Import of Cover Art & Album Tag from Directory


I did use the search function for the forum and actually read through pretty much everything written within the last 6 months or so. even though, there were some topics covering parts of my question, I still don't get it. (<- could be entirely me though ;-))

I have sorted my mp3's into "Artist - Album Title" folder structures (e.g. G:-=incoming=-_XX__BUDDHA\Buddha Bar - Volume 7) and was wondering if there is a possibility to make mp3tag look through the 100s of directories and if it finds a file called "cover.jpg" within a directory to import this as cover art into the mp3 file(s). all my covers are named "cover.jpg" and they are stored within the corresponding directory.

The other thing is, I tried to name the Album Tag within the mp3 file with the Filename-Tag function (%album\%artist% - %title%) without the () using the above mentioned directory structure, but the Album tag didnt take. I actually only wanted it to take e.g. the last part of the directory structure anyway e.g. "Buddha Bar - Volume 7" without the rest of the path.
didnt it work because of the path being too long or having underscores and whatnot in it?

any help greatly appreciated

and yes, my creative brain part works fantastic, my analytical (needed for strings) part sux :wink:


so, got the cover-thingy working by playing around a bit.

still not any wiser on the directory thing though. keep playing but if anyone feels like sharing, comments welcome.



Try %album%\%dummy%


very cool. thanks