Mass / global insert of literal into a tag?


I have directory / file structure that permits using the Filename - Tag function as follows:

%genre%\%dummy%\%album% {%year%} {%comment%}\%track% - %artist% - %title%

The parameter that maps to %comment% is the freedb id (e.g.: c10f420f) for the audio CD (I'm using Exact Audio Copy to rip and generate this structure, btw).

I've been reading here, and I'm wondering if after the tags are initially created, I can go back and insert the string "freedb ID = " at the beginning of the comment tag for all files that were processed.




You can use regular expressions for that. Create a new action and give it a desired name. Then create a new configuration using the following parameters:

Type: Replace with regular expression
Regular expression: (.*)
Replace matches with: freedb ID = $1

Hope that helps. :slight_smile:



Thanks Sebastian.

I figured there was a way to do it somehow with the Actions function; I just wasn't sure how to use it.

Good to go! :slight_smile:


Another simple way to do this is via a Format value action.

Choose COMMENT as field and enter "freedb ID = %comment%" as formatstring.

Best regards,
~ Florian


Florian, where is the Format Value action? It's not in my list of actions...

Never mind, I found it - cool!

Yeah, at first, I was trying to do that with the Tag Input mask (Ctrl-Q), but it didn't work.

"freedb ID = %comment%" would get me "freedb ID = freedb ID = %comment%". It's funny -- it looks like rather than prereading the value of %comment%, it first writes the literal "freedb ID = %comment%" into %comment% and then reads that for the final assignment?

Something like that which seems kind of funky...


No, this is a "feature" of the list view - placeholders written in the tag field get replaced during displaying the content.

~ Florian