Mass import of Cover Art


I have downloaded most of the album covers for my mp3s and am trying to add them to the mp3. I have a txt file that cross references the image file to the filename of the mp3 and would like to do a mass import from that text file and update about 5000 mp3s in one go.

Is this possible? I can get the 'actions' to update a group of files with one image and I've mass-updated all fields of my mp3s from txt files before, but I can't see how to update multiple files with different images.

I was wondering if I could do some kind of convert "filename > tag" using a field like %cover% - but I can't see any such fieldname in any help files or in the forums.

Any ideas?



The only way to mass import covers for multiple albums is using the action type Import cover from file.

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Thanks - does this only allow you to import from a single image file name at a time (even though you can apply this image to multiple mp3 files)? I can't see anything in the help file about this action?

If i'm being thick here, can you point me to some code or a helpfile that would help me and I'll work it out from there.........


How are the file names formed? Something like "album.jpg"?


Easy answer is Yes, they could be. As I've got the .jpg cross referenced to the mp3 filename (through a table) and the filename is cross referenced to my tag info (through another table!), I could rename the .jpg to anything I want, such as 'album.jpg' or 'artist-album.jpg'.

Would this make it easier?



The format string for the cover filename must either be an absolute path or just the name of the cover (if the cover is in the same directory as the audio file)

If you have all the covers in one directory i.e. C:\mycovers\ with filenames like 'artist-album.jpg' you can use the format string
on all the files.


I see - great, thanks. I hadn't picked that up from anywhere.

Will try when I get home tonight!



Tell me, how did you manage to mass-download all your cover art? I have something like 2000 albums, many of them with, and many of them without cover art. Naturally I'd like to download the cover art automagically. The relevant tag information (artist, title, album) should be correct in all the files.

Grateful for any help.