Mass import of Cover Art?

Cover Art embedded in the ID3 tag seems to have become universally accepted. Most media players and video MP3 players can read and display these images. For me, though, I've never really dealt with adding them before.

I have already done the legwork of converting my entire CD collection to MP3, and the entire thing is meticulously organized. Every album has its own folder, and every folder contains a "folder.jpg" file containing a 200x200 image of the album cover.

I have just upgraded from mp3Tag 2.37a to 2.42, and started working with embedded cover art for the first time. I've already figured out how to add cover art to individual tracks, and select multiple tracks from the same album to add the cover art to all of them. The problem is, we're talking about going back and doing this on thousands of albums.

Is there any way that mp3Tag can import different album art for multiple different albums at the same time, so I don't have to manually add them to every album? More specifically, I would like it to look in the folder the MP3s reside in (since each album has its own folder), and if it finds a "folder.jpg" image, add that image as the cover art for all the MP3s in that folder, then move on to the next folder and repeat. Note that I want to use the version of the cover I already have stored, not pull a new version from the web.

Is this a current feature that I'm just overlooking somehow? Something that can be done, but requires scripting? Or is there any hope of this being a feature in a future version?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

just write an action to embed cover art.

I've never dealt with Actions before. I've mostly just used the Convert Filename -> Tag function to do mass tagging, since I'm very strict about how I name my files. I had actually looked at Actions before posting, thinking there might be a solution there, but the only thing I saw in the dialog box was:


I took a second look, and found that if you click on the Quick Action button, you get a drop down list with a TON more options. Sure enough, there's one there to import cover art, and it behaves exactly how I need it to.

Thanks for making me take a second look!

In the actions dialog you must click on the :mt_new: Icon. Then you can create your own actions.