Mass lyrics import from text files

I have tonnes of MP3 files that I wish to add lyrics to (not downloaded, just plain old text files (UTF-8 to be exact).
The story goes like this:
I have an MP3 file named GEN1.mp3 and a text file named GEN1.txt. I would like to import the text file into the lyrics tag of the corrosponding MP3 file.
The same would go for:
GEN2.mp3 - GEN2.txt
GEN3.mp3 - GEN3.txt
GEN4.mp3 - GEN4.txt

GEN_50.mp3 - GEN_50.txt
and so on...
The highest number would be 176 ie: GEN176.mp3 - GEN176.txt if this helps/means anything.

Is there any way of doing this using MP3TAG?

Thanks in advance.

Read this:
Importing Lyrics From Text Files


Okay fair enough and thanks for that. I had read previously to posting this new topic not fully understanding it, but I do now.
But is there any other way?
Like... do I have to make all of the lines into one single line?
Because some of the lyrics I am adding are huge and the text editor I am using can only fit so many characters on one line (UltraEdit 13).

Is there no other way?

At the moment I am using ID3 TagIt (older program) to manually add the specific lyric to the specific mp3 file. But this is taking ages and I've got over 1000 to do.
I just thought MP3TAG would be able to do it. I'm impressed with every other feature that it has... but I don't understand why it only inserts a single line (first line) from a text file. Perhaps this can be looked at in the next version?

Can a better way of implementing lyrics into an .mp3 file be considered for the next MP3TAG version update? I think this is one of the only crucial parts missng to this program.

Having to refromat every .txt file to a one line string is pretty painful considering other programs can handle a normal multi lined .txt file with no problem.


The current Development Build has a brand-new action type Import text file for importing text file contents to a specific tag field.

Kind regards,

I haven't tried this yet (will when I get home), but man, this sounds like an awesome feature that has been added!

Thanks a lot Florian!!! This program is so close to perfection!

Worked an absolute charm Florian!

Thanks for implementing this function into your software.
I believe many will find this function very helpful?

Just a thought (not neccessary) if an export to text file could be created, scripting could take on a whole other level, because external .txt files could be used for referal to previous script functions.

No? I guess you could still use a free tag field to do this and after using the info from it, then clear the field again.

Sorry, just a thought. But thus far, this build does exactly what I want it to do and a whole lot more!
My favourite program!

Take the credit, this is awesome man!!!