Mass Rename files

Hi, I am total newbie... I have some tracks.

For example:
Boriqua Tribez - Sexo (B1 Side)

And I want change it to this: (see screenshot)

How can I change my mp3 files with one action? Thanks

You may use Converter/Filename - Filename:
Mask old filename: %1 - %2
Mask new filename: $upper(%1) - %2

From: Boriqua Tribez - Sexo (B1 Side).mp3
To: BORIQUA TRIBEZ - Sexo (B1 Side).mp3

Using action tag format regular expression function:
$regexp(%_filename%,(.+?)( - .+?),\U$1$2)
$regexp(%_filename%,(.+?) - (.+?),\U$1 - $2)


It works fine, very thanks :slight_smile:

I forgot. I need every first letter in track title with Capitals... so:

ARTIST - some track

change to:

ARTIST - Some Track

Following DetlevDs explanation:

(Converter/Filename - Filename)

Mask old filename: %1 - %2

Mask new filename: %1 - $caps(%2)

You owe me a Guinness! :slight_smile: