Mass repair id3 tags and filenames

Hello, I have been messing up with some of my files, ending up with tags showing artist field that are the kamelot key of the tracks, and keys and bpm infos in front of the artist and title in the filename of the tracks.

looking at the screenshot here will explain better the issue.

Does anyone have an idea on how I could mass repair these ?
I would like to be able to mass delete the kamelot key and bpm infos, to end with clear "artist - title" tags only.

Thank you very much

You need 2 Actions:
1.) Remove all characters before the first - character in front of your filename
2.) Copy the artist from your filename back to your ARTIST tag.

To find the correct format strings, you can use Convert Tag -> Tag with a live preview.


You can restore your files from your backup showing the files before your last "wrong" actions.

Probably you can restore the data from the filename with
Convert>Filename-Tag and
Mask: %initialkey% - %track% - %artist% - %title%
(unfortunately, the screendump does not show the whole column for Filename or Title).
And then you rename the files with a pattern that you like and the function Convert>Tag-Filename.

It's most likely, Convert → Filename - Tag with

%initialkey% - %bpm% - %artist% - %title%

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Thanks everyone for your help, Thanks a lot Florian, %initialkey% - %bpm% - %artist% - %title% did solve the problem perfectly. Big ups to this awesome software, team and community.

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