Mass Retag

I have a great many untagged mp3 files. These files are all in folders by artist name. What I am trying to do is to mass tag all these files with title and artist only. I have tried every possible way to do this. All unsuccessfully. I have brought all the files of one folder into mp3 tag. On the left side I have selected "keep" under title. I entered artist name in appropriate box. Everything else I selected "blank". Then I selected "save tag". All this does is add the artist name. The title is not tagged.

For example I have one folder called "Richard Clayderman". This folder contains 250 untagged mp3 files. I want to tag each file title% artist%.

I am a long time user of MP3 Tag Studio. But that developer has stopped supporting the program. I must now learn this new program, which so far I haven't found to be very friendly.

I need some help.

The reason these files are untagged is so I can add them as an album to iTunes. If I do not first strip the tags iTunes will create many albums because the existing tags contain too much information. I know I can copy the folder to a different location, strip the tags, and import into iTunes. But then after I delete that folder iTunes will no longer be able to locate the files because the folder has been deleted. After stripping the tags I need to know how to mass retag them. With MP3 Tag Studio this was a very simple thing to do. I am having a problem here with MP3Tag.


Try the function
Enter as mask:
if the ARTIST can be found in the foldername and the filename is that what should become the TITLE.
If only the foldername should end up in the ARTIST field then use this mask:

Thank you very much. It worked. Originally I was using %artist - %title which did not work. I did not know about the back slash. That worked.

I musty say this program is not very intuitave. For 10 years I have used MP3 Tag Studio which any dummy, even this one, could use. All functions were in the context menu. MP3Tag works well but only if one knows all these little sectets like the one you just told me about the slash mark.

Thanks again

You may want to have a look at the online help:
see the bottom of the page for examples with the backslash.

Mp3tag may not be as point-and-click as other programs. But once you get to know it, it is one of the most versatile programs for the purpose of tagging. Almost any information that is hidden in some kind of electronic storage can be retrieved and transferred to the tags.
Also, check out the possibilities to access web sources for tag information.

My requirements are very simple. File name and artist are all I will ever need. I have 26,000 mp3 files and that information does me quite well.