Mass tagging of YEAR Tag


My music database is missing the YEAR tags.

I would like to ask if there any way for mass setting the YEAR Tag. It should grab the 1st matching result based on Artist and Title from discogs or similar?

Can it be done using scripts in Mp3Tag?

Thank you


The grouping criterion would be the album. Otherwise you have to touch each track individually anyway.
I don't know if there is a script around that only fills the field year. But you could modify existing ones until they only treat the field year.

Thank you for your reply.

What I was thinking is to select all files and let the script do the rest.

That is

  1. send artist - title
  2. get the YEAR and write the tag
  3. move onto next song and cycle

I guess that's not possible, right?

Thank you

As I said: you would have to adapt an existing script.

Or you try musicbrainz picard. That delivers at least some result in many cases. Not the most accurate one ... but if you want to get only the year anyway, it might be enough.